N's Latest Gymnastics Achievements

WARNING: Proud mummy alert!!

Regular V Family Fun readers will know all about N's love of gymnastics. I wanted to share her recent achievements not only because I'm super-proud and want the world to know about it, but also because I see this blog as a way to keep a permanent reminder of our family life.

First up she was thrilled to pass level 1 of the British Gymnastics Proficiency Awards! She has spent the last two years working her way through the awards, starting at level 8 and finishing on level 1. For each level there were a range of skills she had to achieve before she could pass and move on to the next level. 

Gymnastics Badges

For passing level 1 she not only received the usual badge and certificate, but also a Proficiency Core medal (as shown below). Now she has completed this award system she will move on to another where she will be aiming firstly for Bronze Fitness, then Silver Fitness and finally Gold Fitness. 

Her second achievement in gymnastics came from a competition that her school team was involved in. Out of nine schools and eighteen teams they came second and won a silver medal! I was lucky enough to go along with them as a spectator (hubby stayed at home with E) and can honestly say I felt proud of every single member of her team. They are a lovely bunch of children who are so supportive of each other and it really is inspiring to watch them in action.

Gymnastics Medals

So there's my latest proud mummy moments, I'd love to hear about yours so please feel free to share in the comments.


  1. Congratulations to N. A fabulous achievement Kate.

    Well ... Sam received 90/100 for his last dissertation (the highest in the year). He has been asked to do the animation on a short film (and his name will be on IMDb - how cool is that!). He'll be working on it while he's home from Uni so we'll be able to see it before and then in the movie too. And Alfie has his first graphic design customer outside of the Indie music :)

    Thank you for sharing your proud mum moments and I love sharing mine with you :) x

    1. Oh wow Shaz that's amazing, you must be so proud of both of them! You clearly have very creative children. Thank you for sharing and for your congratulations, you've brought a smile to my face :) x


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