The V Family Christmas Eve

Today I'm going to share some of our Christmas Eve traditions with you.

Christmas Eve has always been about winding down for us. If we've forgotten something by this point then we'll just have to go without. We spend the day together chilling out and having fun before we get ready for an evening of treats!

After dinner we'll all head upstairs for an early bath so we can put on our brand new Christmas pyjamas. For the past two years we've bought them from Next because we love the quality.

Christmas Pyjamas

Then we'll go downstairs and crack open our Christmas Eve box.

Christmas Eve Box

Our box is all about treating ourselves and this year I thought we'd start with some lovely white hot chocolate spoons which I bought from Love Little Treats. Yummy!

White Hot Chocolate Spoons

Christmas movies are a must for our Christmas Eve celebrations and this year I've bought two to choose from.

Christmas DVDs

We'll fill a bowl with our favourite chocolate snacks to eat whilst we watch a movie.

Chocolate Nibbles

I haven't forgotten Flint, he gets a Christmas Eve treat too!

Dog Treat

We have crackers filled with magic tricks to provide some entertainment and, no doubt, comedy.


Finally, we have a gingerbread decorating kit to add a creative side to the evening.

Decorate Your Own

As bedtime approaches we'll put three stockings out and head upstairs for the last time to brush teeth and get into bed.

Father Christmas is on his way...


  1. ALMOST HERE :) Lovely traditions Kate.

    I'm baking cheese and cranberry puffs this afternoon and then tonight it's Inside Out and Balderdash.

    Have a fab snuggle day and a fun evening.
    Merry Crimbo.

    1. Sounds fabulous Shaz, enjoy!

      Merry Christmas x


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