Birthday Season 2016

Now that Christmas is over and 2016 is well under way, my mind turns to Birthday Season...

Birthday Season

Birthday Season is a manic time of year where I spend my days planning and preparing for the children's birthdays. With one birthday in March and two in May (during the same week) I have to be organised and think ahead.

Parties are always planned to the dot and I keep track of all the details, invitations and RSVPs in separate files. Here's the plans for 2016 so far:
  • For T's 13th birthday he has expressed an interest in having a paintball party so we're currently looking into that idea. 
  • N will be turning 10 this year and has decided that she doesn't want a party. Instead she has come up with two ideas of what she might like to do - either visit a theme park or try a zoo-keeper experience. 
  • It will be E's 2nd birthday and I think, like last year, we'll be keeping it simple(ish) with a family party at home - she has plenty of years ahead to have elaborate parties!
As you can see above, the cake is an important part of a V Family birthday. We've had all kinds of weird and wonderful creations over the years, though not made by myself I might add. They haven't all been specially made though, sometimes a shop-bought cake is just as good, I tend to ask the kids what they fancy and do my best to get it for them.

Presents usually depend on whether they're having a party - if they decide to have a party there won't be as much money for gifts but if they skip the party there'll be more money available to buy the things they've asked for (we save weekly to pay for all this, or at least to cover most of it).

I haven't even mentioned all the other family members birthdays which also fall during March, April and May - it's a very busy/expensive time!

Do you have a busy time of year birthday-wise? I'd love to hear about it.


  1. Ours are Jan, Feb and March (family). My team at work, their birthdays are March/April (within three weeks of each other).

    I do the same for saving Kate. I have a separate birthday and christmas worksheet on Excel and each month money gets put aside. Much easier when it comes to spending :)


    1. It's obviously a popular time of year Shaz!

      Being organised with saving makes these things easier doesn't it :) x


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