Bounce Off Review

I've been roped into playing many, many games with the kids over the years. It's kind of an essential part of being a parent isn't it.

Some of those games were quick and easy, some were mind-numbingly long and boring. I wasn't sure what to expect when N asked for Bounce Off for Christmas but she seemed really keen so I went ahead and bought it.

I'm very pleased to say that it is not long and boring but fast-paced and quite a good laugh actually!

Bounce Off

Okay so the first good part about it is that it doesn't take long to set up. Each player puts their coloured balls in the trays provided and you pick a card to show which pattern you're trying to copy.

Bounce Off

Then you simply take it in turns to bounce the balls on the table so they land somewhere on the grid (hopefully in the correct pattern). The ball is only allowed to bounce once on the table before landing in the grid. 

Bounce Off

There is a variety of patterns included but you could also make up your own, N likes to make up complex patterns so I can't win (I said I enjoyed it, not that I'm any good)!

Bounce Off

As well as being easy to set up, it's just as easy to pack away in the box. I can't stand it when you unpack a game and it never quite fits back in the box the way it was when you bought it.

One of the funniest parts of this game is the trash talk that seems to just naturally occur - as we're getting ready to play there are always comments like 'you're going down' or 'prepare to be whipped' and those are just from me, ha ha!

Have you played Bounce Off? Do you enjoy playing games? I'd love to hear from you.


  1. Hahaha I can just hear you saying that Kate! Sounds like fun (and you could play it with older children too - as in late teens I'm thinking here).

    NYE we played Psych! Have you heard of it? It's an app which we downloaded to our phones. So much fun and we played it for hours. (Here's the Google play store link

    It's great to play games with friends and family isn't it :)

    1. It would definitely suit teens too Shaz (even thirty-somethings :D)!

      Will have to take a look at Psych, family games are brilliant - always create so much laughter x


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