Mr V's Birthday 2016

Last week we celebrated hubby's birthday. I always struggle to think of gifts for those who have their birthday so close to Christmas because I've usually used up all my ideas for them. You'd think I'd remember to hold a few things back but I never seem to learn!

This year he had a day off work and started the day with cards and presents before T went off to school. 

Dad card

He mostly received money so he could go shopping (yes, he's a man who loves shopping) but here are the gifts he did get to unwrap:

Fat Face T-Shirt and Jeans
Photograph Album and Cider
Sweets and Chocolate
FCUK Gift Set
Foster's Lager

Then we took E and N (because her school had an inset day) out for a meal at Beefeater. Unfortunately the service on this particular day was a little slow but the food was so tasty and the staff so polite that I was happy to forgive the waiting time.

For hubby's birthday cake we bought our favourite chocolate cake from the local Co-Op. We also got some cupcakes because they caught our eye with their delicious appearance and I'm pleased to say they tasted as yummy as they looked - so creamy!

Co-Op Cakes

We all enjoyed his indulgent birthday, especially the birthday boy who is now looking forward to his shopping trip.

Do you enjoy your loved ones birthdays just as much as your own? I'd love to hear your thoughts.


  1. Oooh a fellow Capricorn :) Happy belated birthday Mr V.

    I've never liked my birthday in January Kate. When I was younger I used to get quite a few presents (because of the sales!) but you would think that would make it great ... wrong. I love receiving gifts but I think Christmas overshadows it really. Then when I was old enough to be out partying, I tried booking meals, bowling and all sorts of activities but because of the festivities just over, none of my friends had money to spend so numbers started high and then dropped and dropped until I decided not to put myself through it anymore!

    I MUCH prefer buying gifts and celebrating everyone else's birthdays :) x

    1. It's interesting to read your perspective of a January birthday, similar to hubby's and my sister-in-laws (2nd Jan) thoughts but I hadn't thought about trying to arrange things like going out/partying etc.

      I always enjoy buying gifts too, especially when it's something the recipient REALLY wants! I get excited over anyone's birthday to be honest - nothing to do with getting cake at all ;)

      Thanks for stopping by x

    2. It was a nightmare Kate. Money had already been spent on gifts and partying over December and New Year and with pay day not due for another two weeks...

      Hahaha - cake - take it or leave it ;)


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