N's Shopping Trip

For Christmas, N was lucky enough to receive quite a lot of cash. She's a very sensible girl and doesn't spend her money unless she really needs to (why buy something if mum and dad will buy it for you)!

She's becoming a mini-fashionista right before my eyes and recently decided she wanted to go and buy some clothes with her own money. Once I picked myself up off the floor we headed to our nearest shopping centre for a girly shopping trip.

Here's what she bought:

We don't often see the white chocolate version of these so she couldn't resist buying a box while we were in Waitrose.

Lindt Lindor

N really loves the kids clothes in M&S so of course we had to pay them a visit. She bought a lovely warm cardigan which is super soft to touch and a cute little dress.

Marks & Spencer Kids Clothes

She also bought some denim shorts from M&S which, for now, she will team with either tights or leggings so she can wear them in this cold weather. I love the little star patches on the front.

M&S Kids Denim Shorts

Earrings are something that N is always drawn to and Claire's Accessories is one of her favourite places to buy them. These cute turtles will make a fab addition to her collection.

Claire's Accessories Earrings

The next stop was New Look where she bought some black leggings. She's planning on using one pair to keep her legs warm while she plays netball at school.

New Look Leggings

Finally we ended up in Lush (oh I love how wonderful those shops smell) and, after a long browse, she bought two bath bombs. N is very much like me where bath products are concerned - absolutely addicted!

Lush Bath Bombs

We had a lovely mother/daughter shopping trip and N came home more than happy with her purchases. She didn't spend all of her money so perhaps we'll have another shopping trip soon.

Do you enjoy shopping trips with your children? I'd love to hear from you.


  1. One thing I've always missed out on Kate - a girly shopping trip. With the boys it's always been in and out and home. They hate it when I want to buy something (yes, sometimes they still come with me hahaha) and always moan. Love N's purchases. She sounds great at making decisions :) x

    1. Oh yes she certainly knows what she likes! It's only recently that she's enjoyed our shopping trips but it's something I've been looking forward to :) T sounds the same as your boys - one shop, grab the first thing he sees and then home again ha ha x


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