Weight Loss Update

The post-Christmas weigh in is always a difficult one isn't it. It's got to be done though so here goes...

Weight Loss Update

I don't think I really need to say that my eating habits weren't good over the festive break. I have no idea how people manage to diet over Christmas because, for me, food is a big part of the celebrations. It just wouldn't be Christmas without cosying up on the sofa with my family, a box of chocolates and a festive film! 

Anyway, enough about that, lets talk numbers (which have obviously gone up since my last weigh-in).

My new total weight loss since having E is:


So technically I only put 1lb on over Christmas. I actually think it may have been more than that but perhaps I've lost some during the first week of this month since I've been eating less rubbish.

My goals are still looking the same:

Goal 1: lose 10lb
Goal 2: lose 7lb
Goal 3: lose 7lb
Goal 4: lose 7lb
Goal 5: lose 7lb
Goal 6: lose 7lb

Who knows where I'll be next month, hopefully I'll have news of a weight loss at last!

I'd love to hear about your weight loss journey so feel free to share below.


  1. We still have lots of chocolate in the house Kate - nightmare!

    I think you've done well considering the time of year. xx

    1. It's so difficult when there are lots of goodies lying around isn't it. Yes, I was quite pleased with the result, could've been a lot worse!


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