Decorating Our Future Home

If you're a regular V Family Fun reader, you'll know that we're planning on moving house as soon as we can.

We've already been decorating our current house so it's in a good condition to sell but I've also been thinking about decorating our new house. I know, I just can't help myself! I have a very clear image of how I would like the new house to look so planning is essential.

Decorating is not just about painting the walls and covering the floor but also the little finishing touches that can completely change the atmosphere, turning your house into a home.

I would like our house to look cosy, homely and inviting - warm colours on the walls, soft carpets, gentle lighting, beautiful scented candles and stylish photo frames filled with family photos. For me, all these things combine to create a comfortable, welcoming feeling.

Tina Bucknall Scented Candles : Accessories & decoration by Tina Bucknall

With E being so young I need somewhere out of reach to keep my candles and this is where shelving comes into play. My absolute favourite kind of shelves are the floating kind because they look so much sharper on the wall and they save space too, bonus!

There are some brilliant examples of floating shelves on Homify which I'd like to share with you:

Firstly, I think candles look fantastic in these cube style shelves, you can create so many different designs and shapes depending on the room you're putting them in. My idea is to have three spaced out on a wall with one gorgeous candle in each, it'll make a great feature.

sudbrock nexus. modulare Möbel : Cupboards & sideboards by nexus product design

Next up are these fun glowing shelves which, I think, would make a great centrepiece for the children's bedrooms. They already have lava lamps and plasma balls so a shelf like this would carry on the bright theme brilliantly. I can also see them in a games room, man cave or home bar - we're thinking big here people.

Półka Led RGB : Shelves by Visual Design

Moving on to the bathroom, these shelves are stylish but practical too and here's the most interesting part - they're made from solid wood planks from the Panama river bed and inlaid porcelain tiles. I'd be dragging people into my bathroom just to tell them this story!

Bathroom floating shelves , : Shelves by woodstylelondon

For those of you who don't already know, Homify is an online companion for architecture, design and construction. If you're looking for ideas for your home then I'd definitely recommend a browse, it's given me so many inspirational ideas which, in true Mummy V style, I've been jotting down in my notebook and hoping to implement somewhere in our future home.


Do you have any home improvements planned for 2016? What are your thoughts on floating shelves? I would love to hear from you.

This post was written in collaboration with Homify.


  1. These shelves are lovely. I am always on the lookout to improve our home. We were lucky that we didn't have to change too much when we moved into our house. Everything was pretty much immaculate, but after a few years of being there now, I really want to re-decorate our living room this year. I've been browsing Pinterest pretty much non-stop :-). Thanks for sharing, Kate.

    1. Things do start to feel dated even after just a few years don't they. I think a change can be really uplifting! Homify have loads of great ideas, definitely worth a look.

      Thanks for stopping by Heidi.

  2. I'm not a fan of shelves Kate (apart from bookcases hahaha). We do have one shelf which is now in what is termed 'the spare room' but that's because of size and it's very practical for the space.

    I love the story behind the bathroom shelves and would probably do the same as you :)

    We're carpeting down and up this Spring and Pete is decorating our bedroom. Can't wait!

    Thanks for sharing.

    1. How did I guess you'd be a fan of bookshelves Shaz ;)

      You have some exciting changes coming up, I love how changing a couple of things can make such a difference! Enjoy x


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