I'm Pregnant... Again!!!

You may (or may not) have noticed that I haven't been around much recently. I'm here today to explain why - I'm expecting our fourth child in September! 

12 Week Scan

It's been a difficult few months with nausea 24 hours a day and some scary bleeding incidents. Add to that all the usual pregnancy ailments, throw in a crazy everyday life with three children (hubby has done as much as he possibly can but those bills won't get paid if he doesn't go to work so obviously he hasn't always been at home to help me) and I'm afraid something had to give - in this case, my online life.

So here I am at 20 weeks pregnant, finally feeling a bit more human and I find myself sitting at my computer. It feels like a stranger after such a long break. I look at the mountains of emails, tweets and comments and to be honest I feel a little overwhelmed. I plan on taking baby steps to get back into the swing of things so please bear with me while I find my feet again. Blog posts and replies may not happen on a regular basis but I promise I will get round to them when I can. 

I have a few reviews waiting to be typed up, firstly on Me, My Books and I:
  • Book review of Sleepless in Manhattan by Sarah Morgan
  • Book review of The Last Thing I Remember by Deborah Bee
Secondly on V Family Fun:
  • Review of a mobile phone wallet from Tuff-Luv
  • Review of the Wicked Mega Bounce XL from Wicked Mania
  • Review of a personalised mixing bowl and wooden spoon from ijustloveit.co.uk
I'm hoping to get these posted over the next few weeks.

Now back to the pregnancy - we're all extremely excited and nervous at the same time. For me, this will be my fourth c-section and although I'm trying to put that part of it to the back of my mind, it's difficult not to think about it. This is also the smallest gap between our children with E being just 2 years old so that will be a new challenge for us. 

I plan on writing some blog posts exploring our experiences with this pregnancy further so watch this space.

I'd love to hear from anyone who has had the same or similar experiences so feel free to leave a comment.


  1. Glad that you are feeling a bit more up to blogging Kate. Missed you loads xx

    1. Thanks Shaz, it's good to be back! x

  2. So thrilled - I've been offline (ill health and a move) but delighted to see your news!!! A baby is a gift. Treat yourself gently, Hugs, Lxxxx

    1. Thank you Linn, we're so excited! I hope you're feeling better now and the move went well. x

  3. Congratulations! Sorry you've had such a rough time of it. Hoping for a happy healthy pregnancy and birth for you xx

    1. Thank you Meg, I really appreciate your kind thoughts! x


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