Shaving Your Legs And Other Not-So-Fun Parts of Pregnancy

Being pregnant is an amazing experience - the feeling of creating life inside you just can't be beat in my opinion. But it's not all fun and games, there are parts of pregnancy that make me wonder why on earth I'm doing it all again. For the fourth time, am I crazy?!?!?!

V Family Pregnancy 1-3

I'm not talking about the usual complaints - morning (or in my case, 24 hours a day) sickness, piles, aching feet, heartburn, peeing a hundred times a day, general feeling of largeness etc etc. It's the little things, the things that wouldn't normally be an issue but, because you're pregnant, have the ability to completely ruin your mood (which, lets face it, is a very delicate thing during pregnancy anyway).

Shaving your legs - this is one of my most recent irritations now that my bump is bigger. It's just so difficult to get down there and I won't even mention the areas that are no longer visible below my bump!

Picking up things from the floor - having a two-year-old, this is something I have to do on a daily basis. I'm sure it's quite funny to watch a pregnant lady attempt to pick up a toy from the floor but I can assure you it's not much fun. If you're standing up you usually lose your balance and end up toppling. If you're sitting down you have to edge forward, pretty much do the splits so your bump can fit between your legs before reaching out for the item and once again almost toppling. 

Dropping something in the footwell of the car is the worst place ever when you're pregnant, especially when it's the ticket to get out of the car park and you have a long line of impatient cars waiting behind you.

Getting in and out of the car in a tight space - I really wish there were pregnancy parking spaces! It's fine if E is with me because the mother and baby spaces (if there are any available) are the perfect size to get my bump in and out of. Standard parking spaces, however, are an absolute nightmare for a pregnant lady.

Eating at the table - this doesn't always have to be an issue if the table is high enough but when it isn't your bump totally gets in the way so you can't get close to your food. This inevitably means you end up spilling your food down your front and staining your new maternity t-shirt. Grrr.

People commenting on your size - I know that often people just don't know what else to say but constantly being told that you're "really big" or "weren't that big with the others" can be slightly detrimental to your self-confidence, particularly at a time when you're not feeling your best. A simple "when's it due" or "do you know what you're having" or, if you really want to make a pregnant lady smile, "you look great" works so much better.

These are just a few of the things that get on my nerves during pregnancy, I'm sure there are many more that I can't think of right now so if you'd like to add your own, feel free to leave a comment below. I'd love to hear from you!


  1. I know that was a rhetorical question but ... ;)

    Is the last photo on the right a recent one Kate?

    It's such a long time ago for me I had forgotten all those things but can identify with your frustrations.

    You look great :D xx

    1. Hahaha why thank you Shaz :D

      No that photo was when I was pregnant with E, I've avoided being in front of the camera so far in this pregnancy. I'm sure I won't get away with it much longer though!

      Thank you for stopping by x

    2. I just thought - the bookish meet up in Hants will be on 23rd July at Royal Victoria Country Park but you will be giving birth around then? :( I'm going to set up the even on FB during half-term xx

    3. No, I'm not due until September! Will keep an eye out on FB x


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