Pregnancy Cravings!

Today I'd like to talk about pregnancy food cravings. You know, the ones that make you feel like if you don't get said item in your tummy now you just will not survive the next ten minutes. Please note: pregnant women can be quite dramatic!

Now when I'm not pregnant I'm a crisp kinda girl but as soon as I become pregnant I'm all about the sugar. Thank goodness I take good care of my teeth.

When I was pregnant with T, all those years ago, it was Wispas that I couldn't survive without. I remember hubby popping to our local late night convenience shop at about 11pm and bringing back five, yes FIVE, Wispas so that I'd have enough to last me the week. Bless his 'never had to contend with a pregnant woman before' socks. Those bad boys were all devoured in one sitting! Needless to say he never made that mistake again, in any of my subsequent pregnancies.

Three years later, when I was pregnant with N, I had the same desperate need for a Wispa but unfortunately it was during the time they had stopped making them so I had to go without. I can't promise that I didn't complain about this on a daily basis but I did make do with alternatives even if they were inferior in my eyes.

Fast-forward eight years to when I was pregnant with E. This time my pregnant sweet-tooth had turned to cupcakes  - I just couldn't get enough of the sugary, cakey loveliness!

So another two years have gone by and somehow I find myself pregnant again. Everything about this pregnancy has been different to the others so I suppose it's only right that my cravings have been different too! This time, instead of insanely craving one yummy item, I have a whole list of treats that I simply can't live without...

1. Peanut M&Ms

2. Cream tea (the scones must be warm and the clotted cream must be thick)

Cream Tea

3.Wheat Crunchies (only bacon flavour will do)

4. Costa decaff latte

5. Pastries (mainly the kind with chocolate but in reality any pastry will hit the spot)


It's quite amazing that I've never had a problem with gestational diabetes but, as I said before, things have been very different in this pregnancy and I go for my Glucose Tolerance Test in a few weeks time so we'll have to wait and see. These sugary treats may have to be a thing of the past!

What were your pregnancy cravings? I'd love to hear from you.


  1. I didn't have any cravings with my two ...

    Do they do GTT as part of the care now? Eldest was born 4 weeks early at almost 7lbs ... I'm sure my diabetes would have been picked up earlier! x

    1. Wow, imagine if you'd gone any longer! When we had E there was a 13lb baby in the next cubicle from a lady who had gestational diabetes, it was like a 3 month old!

      No I don't think GTT is part of routine care, I'm only having it because my bmi was slightly over the recommended level at my booking appointment.

      I wish I didn't have cravings :) x

    2. :( 13lb!!

      Hope it goes ok for you x


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