Techbed And Techbed Mini Review

As a blogger and avid reader I spend a lot of time on my iPad, iPhone and Kindle. This has inevitably led to some wrist pain especially when using my rather old, heavy iPad. 

I've tried various cases and covers that are supposed to hold these devices in an upright position so I wouldn't have to hold them all the time but I've never come across one that holds it in the right position for me. Until now...

Techbed & Techbed Mini

Say hello to the Techbed and Techbed Mini from Edge Beanbags. Now I know these are neither cases nor covers but in my opinion they're even better because they hold my devices in the perfect position every time!

The Techbed is the larger of the two and costs £18.99. They are handmade in Berkshire, UK using luxury, top grade upholstery fabrics.


I've used the Techbed for all three of my devices, it sits perfectly on the arm of the sofa or on my lap so that I can use whichever one I need with ease (and no wrist pain)!


The Techbed Mini is a bit smaller and costs £13.99. As with the Techbed, they come in a variety of colours to suit everyones needs.

Techbed Mini

I've used this for N's iPad Mini, my Kindle and my iPhone. The large iPad would fit if you really needed it to but not quite as easily as it does on the Techbed.

Techbed Mini

I do a lot of my reading whilst in bed (once E is fast asleep) and I've found that both Techbeds sit beautifully on my baby bump. Also, because it's a beanbag I can get my Kindle in just the right position and the best part is that I don't wake up in the morning with aching wrists!

Techbed Mini

The Techbed Mini has the added advantage of a label at the back which can be used as a handy pen or glasses holder. For me a pen is useful because I write review notes while I'm reading.

Techbed Mini

Something I really love about these products is that they are washable. E managed to get my Techbed mucky when she got her hands on it but it wiped off easily with a trusty baby wipe (those things really do have so many uses). 

If, however, it gets too dirty to simply wipe clean then you can even wash it in the machine at 30°!

Techbed & Techbed Mini

Every now and then a product comes along that makes you wonder how on earth you lived without it - for me this is one of those products. It really has made such a difference to my day-to-day technology use.

I also think they make a great gift idea, especially with Father's Day coming up. I plan on ordering one for my dad who suffers with arthritis and spends quite a bit of time on his iPad Mini, this should really help.


Not only does the Edge Beanbags Website sell these fab little products, they also sell loads of different kinds of beanbags, including giant ones that would totally rock my children's world! I'd definitely recommend having a browse. 

Edge Beanbags

Do you already own a Techbed or Techbed Mini? I'd love to hear your thoughts.

I received these products for review purposes. I am always honest in my reviews and all opinions are my own or that of my family.


  1. Love these (wish I'd thought of the idea hahaha). Great review Kate x

    1. Thanks Shaz! They're fantastic, I'd definitely recommend them :) x


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