Sterilisation During A C-Section

Regular V Family Fun readers will know that I'm due to have my fourth c-section this September. 

As soon as I found out I was pregnant I knew that this would definitely be the last time - I was 100% sure that I didn't want to be pregnant again or have any more children (four children is enough for anyone, right)! 

When I mentioned this to my midwife, she told me that I could be sterilised at the same time as my c-section to prevent any future pregnancies. This sounded like the perfect solution for me so after some thought (it's a big decision after all) I asked her to put the request in my notes.

Every time I see my midwife she double checks that it's still what I want and when I saw my consultant he did the same before explaining that it's an irreversible procedure where, depending on what they find once they've opened me up, all or part of my tubes will be removed.

From what I've read online it only adds around an extra five minutes to the c-section although I'll probably be too distracted by our baby to even realise how long they're taking anyway!

I'd love to hear from anyone who has been through this... Does it really only add a few minutes to the c-section? Does it add to the recovery time afterwards?  Did you experience more pain afterwards? Did the sterilisation actually work (I've heard that it doesn't always work)? If you can answer my questions please leave a comment below.

I'll post an update after the big event in September with my own experience of having a sterilisation during a c-section so if you're considering this as an option I may be able to answer your questions by then.


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