My Top Five Baby Products - Up To Nine Weeks

By the time you get to your fourth child you've pretty much tried most of the baby products/fads. Over the years we've bought many things that we've either only used once or never used at all. Then there are the products that we couldn't live without, that have made life soooo much easier! 

We've used all of the following products during the first nine weeks of Z's life and they are must-haves in my opinion:

Tommee Tippee Perfect Prep Machine

This is the Tommee Tippee Perfect Prep machine and has absolutely changed our bottle-making lives for the better. We first discovered this fantastic little machine when we had E back in 2014. We were amazed then and we're still amazed now. 

In just a few minutes it basically helps you make a fresh bottle of formula which is the perfect temperature for your baby. Gone are the days of waiting (with a screaming baby at your side) for half an hour or more while you try to make a bottle at just the right temperature.

We paid around £70 which is roughly the standard price depending on where you shop and what special offers are available. It's worth every penny in my opinion.

Chicco Next2Me Crib
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This is the Chicco Next2Me side-sleeping crib and it's another product that has completely changed the way we take care of our newborn. 

I've always been one of those mums who gets very little sleep during the first months of their lives and not just because of the night feeds. I have to keep getting out of bed to check that they're breathing! I know there are products out there that can monitor their breathing for you but honestly it wouldn't be any good for me because I wouldn't trust it. I have to see their little chests moving up and down for myself. This is where the Next2Me crib is so useful - I don't have to get out of bed to check on her, I don't even have to sit up to make sure our lovely Z is breathing. I can simply open my eyes and see for myself that all is well. 

The main advantage of this product is that you can essentially share a bed with your baby without actually sharing a bed and therefore eliminating the risk of rolling onto baby. Another bonus for me is that I can fall asleep holding her hand, the best way to fall asleep I think.

We paid £165 which I believe is the standard price depending on where you shop. Another product that is fully worth the cost in my eyes.

Angelcare Nappy Bin

This is the Angelcare nappy bin. It is a must-have for us because our dustbins are situated right at the end of our garden so without it we would have to traipse down the garden after every nappy change or end up with a very stinky kitchen bin. 

We used a different type of nappy bin when we had E and I must say, although it kept the smell out of the room, I didn't like the way it worked. The twisting motion that was required felt too fussy for me. This one, however, is great. It's quick and simple to use, you simply open the lid and push the nappy through to the lower compartment. It keeps the nasty odours contained inside and holds a large amount of dirty nappies.

It only cost us £5 for the bin and around £12.99 for a pack of three cartridges. After 9 weeks of use we're still on the second cartridge.

NUK Bottles

For T, N and E we used Tommee Tippee bottles which were great but we always found it difficult when we first started using them on returning home from hospital. This is because the teats on the bottles they gave us in hospital were so different, they had a unique shape modelled on the shape of a mother's nipple during breastfeeding. They were NUK teats. 

This time I decided to make life easier by buying NUK bottles and I'm so glad I did. Z had no problem at all switching to these bottles and with their anti-colic air system she's had minimal wind issues. There are other options too, you can get glass bottles with latex teats and even character-themed bottles which have proved popular with my girls! 

We initially bought a starter pack for around £20 which included two 300ml bottles, two 150ml bottles and 2 NUK soothers. We've since bought extra bottles that have cost anything from £5 for a single character bottle to £16 for a pack of four plain ones.

Buggy Board

The Buggy Board is a product that is only useful if you already have a toddler. We had one for T when we had N and it was invaluable. The design has changed slightly and you can now get an attachable saddle so your toddler can sit down and rest their legs. We didn't get the saddle but we may consider it at a later date if we feel E needs it.

For me this is a lifesaver on the school run. For those days when we're running a bit behind because we're still getting used to having another baby to get ready. It means we can walk N to school quicker than if E was walking. We save the slow walk for the journey home, this is when E jumps off the board and can fulfil her splashing in puddles/kicking through leaves needs. While she's doing that I can hook the Buggy Board up on the attached strap so it's out of my way - a fab feature! 

It cost us £54. Once again the cost would probably depend on where you buy it.

I know how difficult it can be to choose baby products when there are so many available so if you have any questions about any of the above items, feel free to ask!


  1. OMG these are fabulous Kate! I wish we had them in the 1990s ... I would have used the side-sleeping crib. In our first flat it was night storage heating and freezing get out of bed. x

    1. Oh it would have been perfect for you then! I really wish all these things were around when I had T :D

      Thanks for stopping by x


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