V Family Games Night

With all the technology available to families nowadays it's so easy to become distracted and not give your full attention to your loved ones during family time. 

I'm not just talking about us adults though. I can't tell you how irritating it is to try to have a conversation with your teen/pre-teen while their eyes are glued to a screen. Even our two-year-old can sometimes be thoroughly distracted by the latest CBeebies app on my iPad.

Here in the V Family household we try to spend as much time as possible together, doing things that focus our attention on each other rather than the technology in our hands. Our most successful activity seems to be a good old-fashioned board game competition and I think that's because it requires concentration.

Introducing the V Family games night...

V Family Games Night

With help from the lovely people at The Entertainer (I'm sure those of you with children will be just as familiar with this fabulous toy shop as we are) our latest games night was even more fun! They sent us a box containing all the necessary ingredients for a fun games night with absolutely no technology in sight.

V Family Games Night

The first thing we did was pop the corn. Now this isn't something I've actually done before (microwave packets are all I've ever needed) but luckily hubby has so he took charge and we soon had a saucepan full of yummy popcorn.


We set the table up and filled the gorgeous carousel with sweets and cupcakes. 

V Family Games Night

At this point the kids had already abandoned their technology, even T had managed to pry himself away from his PS4 controller! We enjoyed coming up with slogans for the little hats and were clearly feeling rather optimistic. Can you guess who designed which hat?

V Family Games Night

The game we received in our box was Cluedo. I used to love playing Cluedo when I was younger but I have to admit to being a bit rusty on the rules. In my defence though, the game has changed a lot since my childhood version.


Although we have a range of ages in our family, everyone got involved. E was a little too young to fully understand the game but she enjoyed teaming up with me and being my mascot. She did a great job of looking after my cards. 


Z was hubby's mascot and spent the whole game asleep in his arms - luckily he was able to play one-handed.

V Family Games Night

This family time was filled with the kind of laughter, chat and, of course, obligatory trash-talk you can only get by putting your technology to one side. Thanks to The Entertainer for giving us the tools to make this possible and also for sending two chocolate winners medals so that even the losers could celebrate (hubby won and, yep, we split the rest of the chocolate between us)! 

V Family Games Night

There have already been discussions about the next V Family games night and I think a Cluedo rematch is definitely on the cards.

Do you have technology-free family time? What are your favourite games to play as a family? I'd love to hear from you.

This post was written in collaboration with The Entertainer.


  1. Fabulous Kate!

    We've been talking about board games for over Christmas/New Year. We gave ours to a local charity because they were so rarely played. Last New Year we all had an app downloaded to our mobiles and although it was a great deal of fun, I wanted a board game this year ... but have no idea what to buy!

    I love this post :)

    1. Thank you Shaz! I've always loved board games, as a child I remember playing monopoly over and over again by myself because everyone else was fed up of playing with me :D I'd definitely recommend cluedo because it requires tactics! x


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