Welcoming Our New Baby Girl

It's been a while since I last sat down at my computer to type up a blog post and I must admit that I've missed it. Last time I did this I was pregnant and to be honest quite miserable as I was suffering with pelvic girdle pain, a pain that I wouldn't wish on my worst enemy, not that I have any enemies mind you (not that I know of anyway) but you get my meaning.

New Baby Balloons

Well, it's all over now and our beautiful baby girl 'Z' is already eight weeks old! She's our third daughter (poor T is rather outnumbered now with three sisters) and weighed 7lb 11oz. 

She had to be born by c section as I had had three previous sections and although I always feel nervous about the op itself I wasn't any more anxious than usual even though I knew the risk of things going wrong increases with each c section you have.

Z's big entrance into the world went smoothly but as she was being dried and wrapped up in towels I heard the words "maternal bleeding" and after that things went downhill. I can only remember feeling nauseous and very very sleepy. 

It turns out I very nearly didn't make it.

After three long hours of drifting in and out of consciousness on the operating table, as my husband sat next to me cuddling Z and looking utterly bewildered, I was finally wheeled out of theatre and learned what had happened.

To cut a long story short, there was an extra piece of placenta which caused me to start bleeding out. The bleeding wasn't easy to get under control and I ended up losing over half the blood in my body. This meant I needed a blood transfusion and a Rusch balloon to help treat the bleeding. As a result of losing so much blood I felt incredibly weak and have been taking iron tablets since it happened.

You may remember that I was planning on being sterilised during the c section, this went ahead as planned and the doctor said that it was probably the only simple part of the procedure. She completely removed both of my tubes so there will be no chance of me going through any of that again, phew! 

I had my first cuddle with Z in HDU, after what had happened I felt incredibly thankful that I was able to do so. The alternative just didn't bear thinking about. 

Looking rough but very happy to be cuddling my beautiful baby girl.

It's been a slow recovery but I'm getting there. The pain from the c section itself was about the same as usual and although the sterilisation pain went on a little longer, it was manageable. The hardest part for me was the tiredness which has been far more intense than usual - an after-effect of the blood loss.

Z is an absolute delight, she has fitted in with our family beautifully. Each one of us have fallen completely in love with her, especially E who has taken to her role as big sister with joy. With her only being two years old we made sure she got lots of extra attention and, although she's had a few acting-up moments, on the whole she's been a superstar! 

I'm so looking forward to our future as a family of six, we have lots of exciting times ahead and I'm so grateful to all the medical staff who gave me the chance to be part of it all. 


  1. Welcome baby Z. Maybe 2017 we can finally get to meet up and I can have a cuddle (with you too!).

    We don't hear enough praise about medical staff with all the media hype lately do we. They are more than awesome ... their skills saved you. x

    So glad everything is working out for you Kate. You do have exciting times ahead :)

    1. Thank you. Fingers crossed for 2017 Shaz!

      I agree, it's often only the negative stories we hear but they do an amazing job and under difficult circumstances too. I can't fault the treatment I received. x


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