Reflecting on 2016


As the end of 2016 approaches I've been thinking about the past year and how our family has changed since the end of 2015.

I kind of feel like I lost most of 2016. I feel like it's passed me by as I suffered through a pretty rubbish pregnancy and then a not-so-fantastic birth. 

The children have had another amazing year full of achievements - T has had some great results in tests at school, if he keeps it up I think he'll end up with some fantastic grades when he moves on to college. N has won even more medals for gymnastics and also netball. E is learning new things all the time and is always so proud to show off her new talents. Finally Z, I know she's only a few months old but she's already able to do so much. I think I'd prefer her to slow down a bit though so I can keep my baby for longer!

With regards to blogging, I've been forced to take a step back this year. It's been frustrating at times because I've had to turn down some brilliant opportunities but I just couldn't manage everything with how I was feeling. On the plus side, it made me consider merging both of my blogs together and since I've been posting my book reviews here on V Family Fun instead of Me, My Books and I I've been much happier. I just love having everything in one place, it definitely makes blogging much easier for me.

So, looking forward to 2017. I'm hoping to find a bit more time for blogging as Z grows, T is going on a school trip to Belgium which will be his first trip abroad without us (worried mum alert)!  I have two children taking big steps at school - N starts secondary school and E will be starting pre-school. We have to make a decision about our living arrangements (do we extend our current house or move to a bigger one) and finally, now I'm definitely not going to have any more children, I'd like to get my weight down to a more comfortable level.

Have you had a successful 2016? Are you looking forward to anything specific in 2017? I'd love to hear from you.


  1. You're an amazing mum Kate as well as having that key role in your family. I think you're pretty much awesome :)

    2017 ... top of the list is meeting other bloggers (didn't want it to be too cheesy and say meeting you hahaha). I can't wait to reduce my days to 3 a week from September - hoping it will work out as the tentative plan is working Mon, Tues and Weds (if our staffing budget is accepted for me to have a deputy five days a week) meaning four days off together to get a balance in my life. I am sooo excited about this!

    Here's to a fabulous 2017 Kate xx

    1. Ah Shaz, you're so lovely. It'll be great to meet up in 2017!

      I hope the reduced days works out for you, it sounds perfect, the best of both worlds :)

      Cheers to 2017 x


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