How Do You Read Yours?

Today I have a question for all you bookish people out there...

How Do You Read Yours?

I'm talking about your 'to be read' pile or TBR as it's more commonly known.

Over the past few years, since I was pregnant with E, I've been working on trying to reduce my TBR pile to a more comfortable level. This means that I've tried not to accept too many review requests, I haven't downloaded quite as many free eBooks on Amazon and I've even tried to stop myself from requesting too many eBooks on NetGalley. Unfortunately all these things are extremely difficult when you're a bookworm so my pile (both virtual and real) is still HUGE! 

TBR Pile

So how do I read mine? For me I like to stick to some kind of order, I can't just read a book as soon as I get it because then I'd never get round to all the other books I own. So I use lists (I may have mentioned my love of lists before 😊), four lists to be precise. 

1. Kindle Books For Review - these are all eBooks that I've either downloaded from NetGalley, won in a giveaway or have been emailed by authors/publishers to review.

2. Kindle Books I've Purchased or Downloaded for free - this is a pretty self explanatory list. I don't always post full reviews for these because it's such a treat to have a what I call 'free' read where I don't have to make notes as I'm reading it.

3. Books For Review - this is an actual pile of hardback/paperback books that I have specifically been sent to review. This also contains books that I've won and plan on reviewing.

4. Books I've Purchased - this is another physical pile of hardback/paperback books that I have bought and once again I don't tend to post full reviews for these.

When I receive a new book/eBook it goes to the bottom of the relevant list and for review purposes I always read the one at the top of the list, I feel that this keeps things fair. 

Most of the time I alternate between list 1 and 3 because I feel I should get reviews posted as quick as I can. But every now and then I find myself craving a 'free' read so I randomly choose any book from list 2 or 4. This gives me the chance to read a genre I might not have read for a while.

TBR Pile

I have to say this all sounds rather more complicated than it actually is!

Since having E and Z my reading time has dramatically reduced which means the above lists have not been going down as quickly as I'd like. However, I am ploughing through them slowly so if you've sent me a book of any kind to review, it WILL happen, I'm afraid I just can't be sure when.

So now it's your turn, how do you read yours?

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  1. It does sound complicated Kate but I can see how easy it is when it's in action (if that makes any sense!).

    I have a word doc 'Reading List' and it's in order of publication date. After pub date is title, whether I've bought, requested Netgalley, unsolicited or offered. I just delete when I've read or of course add :) I'm mood reading this year so taking more notice of what mood the story will evoke and the mood I'm in (hoping to take off the pressure and bring back the fun). x

    1. I love the idea of doing it in order of publication date, I never seem to get reviews up before pub date with my lists. Perhaps something to think about. Mood reading sounds perfect for you Shaz, it's so important to still enjoy reading! Thanks for sharing x


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