Back On The Weight Loss Train

If you're a regular reader you might remember my previous posts about weight loss. Well now they're back - two weeks ago I decided to jump back on the weight loss train.

After having Z I'm heavier than I've ever been so my start weight is higher than it was after my previous pregnancies. I now have approx 4 stone to lose! 

I'm taking it one step at a time though and setting myself 7lb goals because this seems much more achievable and far less daunting.

Once again I have decided to lose weight using the MyFitnessPal app to keep an eye on my calorie intake and the Runkeeper app to track my walks (although I'm considering a Fitbit for this side of things in the future). 

The past two weeks haven't been easy but I've stuck with it and now I'm starting to get into a comfortable routine. This leads me to my very first weight loss update for 2017, my total weight loss so far is: 

Weight Loss

This means I reached my first goal in just two weeks, I couldn't be more proud! 

If any of you are also trying to lose weight or feel inspired to jump on board with me then please leave a comment below. These things are always easier when you have support.


  1. Whoop! You should be proud. That's awesome Kate.

    Over Christmas I lost 8lbs Kate ... but going back to work after the holidays I put weight back on again! Not just the birthday treats in the staffroom but being awake longer I'm eating more. I HATE eating breakfast before 7am and much prefer after 9am! I have to eat regularly so those two hours make a difference.

    I've just started replacing crisps with Quinoa crisps and chips with Quinoa products so hoping to lose weight moving forwards. I'm also interested in the Keto diet so might buy the recipe book (I've pinned on Pinterest but much prefer something in my hands). Will be dog walking again when the evenings get lighter.

    Wishing you continued success. xx

    1. Wow how did you manage to lose 8lb over Christmas?!?! Temptation like that is so difficult isn't it, when the kids have yummy treats it takes everything not to join them. So far I've resisted though.

      It's definitely a good idea to swap treats for something healthier, sometimes it makes losing weight more manageable if you make small changes rather than simply cutting everything out. Fingers crossed it works for you Shaz, wishing you success too x

    2. I knew my annual diabetic review was due Kate - a great motivator hahaha Thank you x

    3. Ahh I can imagine that's a good motivator:D x


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