Half Term Hygge With Plusnet

I know some of you have already had half term and are now back to school but this week our children are home and, thanks to Plusnet, we're spending some of the not-so-nice days cosying up hygge style!

Plusnet #HalfTermHygge

For those of you who don't already know, hygge is a Danish word (pronounced "H-O-O-G-A") which is all about getting together, being cosy and content, sharing experiences and appreciating everyday life by making the ordinary special. Catching up over a cuppa or relaxing by a fire when it's raining outside are just a couple of examples of hygge.

So what kind of hygge family activities could you do this half term (or even on weekends if half term is over for you)? Here's a few ideas we got from our Plusnet Half Term Hygge box:

Build a fort...

Building forts or dens is something our children love to do. Over the years we've had everything from massive forts that completely take over the whole lounge to small forts that fit nicely behind the sofa. 

This time they were looking to build a cosy haven that fitted with the hygge theme so they used my clothes horse and the stand for Z's baby bath. It was quite a snug little fort but they loved it, even Z was invited to join them for a while and judging by her squeals of excitement she loved it too! The fairy lights and flag banner added to the lovely hygge atmosphere they had created.

Plusnet #HalfTermHygge

Make some sweet treats...

Baking and eating yummy treats is always a favourite rainy-day activity in our house and it's also perfect for the hygge way of life. For me nothing is more cosy than snuggling on the sofa with my loved ones, some delicious baked goods and a hot chocolate.

We followed Plusnet's Danish Butter Biscuit recipe:

Danish Butter Biscuit Recipe

We made some without sprinkles because there are a couple of fussy bunnies in our family who like everything plain. The finished result may not look perfect but they tasted amazing! 

Plusnet #HalfTermHygge

Then it was time for hot chocolate and to give it the hygge touch we sprinkled marshmallows on top. Yummy.

Plusnet #HalfTermHygge

Family film night...

This is another activity that involves snuggling on the sofa, making it perfect for Half Term Hygge. 

We decided to watch Trolls because we hadn't managed to catch it at the cinema and were looking forward to watching it. Before we settled down to watch the film we popped some corn and covered it in icing sugar to give it a lovely sweet taste.

Plusnet #HalfTermHygge

Afterwards we all rated the film on this fun family film night poster. The V Family gave Trolls three 5 stars, one 4½ stars and one 3½ stars (T was being a little harsh I think but then it probably isn't a film aimed at teenage boys). Obviously Z is a little young to be rating films at the moment although she did seem to enjoy all the colours!

Plusnet #HalfTermHygge

What kind of hygge family activities do you enjoy? I'd love to hear from you if you try out any of the above so please do let me know.

This post was written in collaboration with Plusnet.