Sharing the Book Love

I recently came up with a fun way to find a new read and share the book love...


How do I join in?

It's simple. If you're currently reading a book that you're enjoying then share the book love on Instagram or Twitter by taking a photo of any paragraph in that book and sharing it using the hashtag #shareaparagraph 

Don't forget to include the title of the book and author so others know what they're reading.

Those Summer Nights by Mandy Baggot #shareaparagraph

How does this help other readers?

This idea lets readers into a part of the book that the blurb doesn't share. It gives you a feel for the authors writing and sometimes it might just intrigue you enough to make you want to know more! It's a different way to find your next read.

How does this help authors and/or the publishing industry?

Having been a book blogger for around 5 or 6 years I know just how important word-of-mouth is to the industry. A personal recommendation is always going to grab someones attention more than a recommendation from someone trying to sell you the book, am I right? 

That's why I love the idea of #shareaparagraph so much - it's fun but it also gets the books out there to a wider audience.

I'll be following the #shareaparagraph hashtag on Twitter and Instagram and will be liking or retweeting any photos shared. 

It would be really great to get as many readers as possible involved in this, we could build a little paragraph-sharing bookish community!

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