The Small Human Company Baby Food Pouches

If you follow me on Twitter or Instagram you may have seen that we recently started weaning Z (how quickly time is going).

I discovered The Small Human Co on Instagram and was intrigued by their upcoming launch of baby food pouches. I'd never used this kind of reusable pouch before but wanted to try so when I saw that they were offering a free set of pouches if you signed up before the launch date I couldn't resist.

Baby Food Pouches

When the launch date came around, as promised, I received a code for a free pack of 8 reusable pouches from Amazon. I'm already an Amazon Prime member so next day delivery was free too, bonus! 

The next day I received this lovely printed box, I'm always impressed by pretty packaging so this was a great start for me. 

Baby Food Pouches

The pouches are bright and colourful. They're bigger than I expected, another good thing, and I like the fact that there are two spare lids - losing or breaking lids often results in having to throw away a perfectly good product so this makes me happy. 

Baby Food Pouches

There is also a handy little booklet included which contains meal ideas and recipes to help you get started.

Baby Food Pouches

On the back of each pouch is a nice big area to write down the details of what's inside and reminders that they're safe to use in the dishwasher and freezer but not in the microwave.

Baby Food Pouches

The first thing I did before using them was rinse them out, this is made easy by the shape of the pouches, they have a curved top which means no water (or later on, food) will collect in the corners. I struggled a bit to open the bottom of each pouch with wet hands so I had to use dry hands to open them.

Next I put the lids on so the baby food wouldn't come out of the top as I poured it in - this sounds obvious but is definitely something I would do if I wasn't concentrating (still blaming baby brain)! 

On this particular occasion I was making roasted sweet potato which can be quite thick so unfortunately I wasn't able to pour it into the bottom of the pouches, I had to spoon it in which ended up being a little bit messy. 

Baby Food Pouches

You do have to be careful not to overfill them otherwise the baby food will squidge out when you're sealing the bottom. This only happened to me once but it was something I didn't want to repeat.

I left the bottoms of the pouches open (and upright) to cool before sealing them and putting them in the freezer for future use. The seal is very good although I did find them a little tough to squeeze completely shut, I guess this is to ensure the food doesn't leak out so it's tough for a good reason.

Baby Food Pouches

They are easy to use and store so I can see that I'll get a lot of use out of them as we progress through our weaning journey.

Have you used baby food pouches? I'd love to know what you think.


  1. They look fab Kate. I love all these new products that are available. Seem to make life easier!

    1. That is the biggest difference I've noticed from having T (almost 14 years ago) to having Z - the products available make life sooo much easier! Thanks for stopping by Shaz x


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