The Blind Date Book Company Mother's Day Gift Box

I first came across The Blind Date Book Company at the beginning of 2017. I'm easily swayed by a beautiful book cover so I loved the idea of buying a book based on just four words.

I followed them on Twitter and Instagram and regularly drooled over the beautiful packaging and, using the four allocated words, I tried to figure out which books would be inside. 

Then I saw their Mother's Day Gift Box which contained pretty much everything I love so I had to let my husband know about it (it's perfectly acceptable to email hubby with present ideas right?) and I kept my fingers crossed that he would take the extremely unsubtle hint and suggest it to the kids.

The rest, as they say, is history. Here's my YouTube unboxing video...

What an amazing box of goodies! As you can tell, I was super excited to open the book and was thrilled that it was one I didn't already have. They chose this box based on genre, my lovely family obviously know me well because they chose YA which is one of my favourite genres.

Everything about the box felt special, all the lovely little finishing touches showed me that this is a company who cares about the product and the recipient's experience whilst opening it.

The Blind Date Book Company Mother's Day Gift Box

Each box would have been slightly different because when ordering you were given a few different options for tea/coffee, chocolate/biscuits, blue/pink mug etc.

I loved the bath bomb - it had a little paper note inside which said 'Thanks Mum'.

The Blind Date Book Company Mother's Day Gift Box

So much thought had been put into the contents of the box. For me it contained everything I needed for some relaxing 'me time' - a bath bomb, chocolate, candles, coffee, a new mug, a beautiful bookmark, a lovely little note explaining the concept and a Blind Date Book. It was like a box of heaven!

The Blind Date Book Company Mother's Day Gift Box

As I type up this blog post, I've been gazing lovingly at The Blind Date Book Company's Instagram photos because they've produced another fabulous gift box, this time with an Easter theme. I think these boxes could become an addiction!

Have you ever bought a Blind Date Book or did you also receive the Mother's Day Gift Box? I'd love to hear your thoughts.


  1. Thank you so much for such a wonderful write up and for sharing your experience!

    Much Love TBDBC x

    1. Absolutely my pleasure! I was so thrilled with my gift :) x

  2. Replies
    1. It really is perfect Shaz, I love it! x


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