Book Review - Can't Buy Me Love by Jane Lovering

Is it all too good to be true?

Can't Buy Me love by Jane Lovering
Genre: Romantic Comedy
Publisher: Choc Lit
Publication Date: eBook - 28 June 2016 | Paperback - 9 May 2017
ISBN-13: 9781781893531

"When Willow runs into her old university crush, Luke, she's a new woman with a new look - not to mention a little bit more cash after a rather substantial inheritance. Could she be lucky enough to score a fortune and her dream man at the same time?

Then Willow meets Cal; a computer geek with a slightly odd sense of humour. They get on like a house on fire - although she soon realises that there is far more to her unassuming new friend than meets the eye ...

But money doesn't always bring happiness, and Willow finds herself struggling to know who to trust. Are the new people in her life there because they care - or is there another reason?"


What a fabulously funny read! The humour was a prominent feature of the storyline and was something that I particularly enjoyed. Some of my favourite amusing moments included: a vomit-filled pocket, a picnic by a stream, a child birthing entourage and a plan for revenge!

The authors comfortable writing style drew me in and made it easy to keep flipping the pages and become involved with the storyline. Willow was just brilliant - funny, real and utterly relatable! Cal was also a fun character, I totally 'got' his teasing sense of humour and this quickly made him one of my favourites, especially when I found out more about him.

Willow's large family provided plenty of entertainment and drama, I loved this side of the storyline as I'm from a fairly big family myself and I guess these characters reminded me of us. I'd love to see a whole series of books based around her family, they're fabulous!

This book had me so engrossed in reading that I somehow managed to tip my drink all down my front - I started tipping but I couldn't pull my eyes away from the Kindle screen and actually concentrate on what my hand was doing. I ended up soaked. Oh well, it was worth it 😊.

This was a fun, drama-filled read with wonderful characters who were easy to take to heart.

5 Stars
5 Stars



Thank you to the publisher for approving my NetGalley request for this eBook in exchange for my honest opinion.


  1. Sounds like an entertaining read Kate (couldn't help but giggle with the vision of you reading and in effect, missing your mouth :) )

    1. Hahaha I'm glad no-one else witnessed it :D This was one of those books that really lifts your mood, I'd recommend it!


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