Hatchimals Colleggtibles

Those of you with small children have probably heard of Hatchimals Colleggtibles by now, you may even have some of the little cuties living in your home. 

For those of you who haven't, they're tiny little collectible characters that come in cute little eggs which your child (or you because it's absolutely okay and possibly even necessary for parents to test these things 😁) can actually hatch by themselves! 

We bought some for E as a birthday present but ended up giving them to her early because we were too excited to wait.

Here's our rather messy unboxing video...

N's birthday was four days after E's and she liked them so much we got a pack for her too but rather than playing with them (she is eleven-years-old after all) she has lined them all up on the shelf in her bedroom, they're simply a collectible toy for her.

E plays beautifully with the little characters, they currently live in her dolls house but I've ordered her a special Hatchimals nursery toy with her birthday money so she has a proper place to put them.

Do you have any Hatchimals Colleggtibles? I'd love to hear your thoughts.


  1. Oh Kate this is awesome. I love this :) x

    1. Thanks Shaz, it was a fun video to film :D


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