Introducing N's Corner

N has decided that she would like to be more involved in V Family Fun so she is going to have her very own corner of the blog to do whatever she wants with. 

As soon as the idea for N's Corner came about she designed her own logo and signature (on Canva) to use in her posts. In future, if you'd like to see all N's posts together just click on her logo in the sidebar 👈.

As N is a big fan of quotes she has decided to round off each of her posts with a quote so keep an eye out for those!

Without further ado, I'll hand you over to N...

N's Corner

Hi, I'm N and I am very excited to have my own corner on V Family Fun and to share snippets of my life with you. 

In my corner I am planning to post about a variety of things that I love like gymnastics and netball. As well as this I will post reviews, poems, possibly stories and many more. 

I have been attending gym for four years and I have been progressing rapidly ever since I started. I have only been doing netball for one year, however I have still achieved a lot in that time; I have already won two bronze medals.  

"Champions keep playing until they get it right." - Billie Jean King



  1. Hi N, I'm looking forward to seeing what you share with us in your corner of V Family Fun. I use Canva all the time - it's so easy to use isn't it! I also love that you can upload your own images to incorporate into your designs.

    Great quote :)

    1. Hi it's N. Thank you for your supportive comment and I love Canva too because you can use your imagination to make a thought become a reality.

    2. Yes! It's easy to lose hours ...


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