Superdrug Fix 'Em Plasters

I'm fairly sure most parents will be familiar with the subject of today's post. 


Yep, those lovely little items that everyone has in their cupboard and are actually quite useful when used correctly. But children never want to use them correctly do they. We go through SO many plasters in our house and I hate to say that quite a few of them are for phantom injuries or the tiniest little scrape or bump (the kind that needs a magnifying glass to actually see it).

E often decides that she absolutely needs a plaster right now, whether it be on her arm, hand, leg, foot, forehead, cheek or even the top of her head so it gets all stuck up in her hair! We tend to use the cheap plain plasters for these occasions and save a few fancy patterned ones for any genuine injuries.

When I got the chance to try out some new plasters from Superdrug which had emojis all over them, obviously I couldn't resist.

Superdrug Fix 'Em Plasters

"Put a swift end to tears and tantrums with Superdrug's new Fix 'Em plasters. Covered in emojis, they'll help put a smile back on a little one's face after they've taken a tumble. The perfect solution for cuts and scrapes!

Water resistant and non-wound sticking, Superdrug's new Fix 'Em plasters are guaranteed to stay in place, with 24 plasters in a box to be replaced once a day.

RRP: £2.99"

The first thing I noticed (and was hugely impressed by) was the little tin container - not only does it look tidier in the cupboard but it is strong and will protect the plasters. You could easily throw the tin in your handbag/changing bag for a day out without worrying they'll come loose in your bag - hey presto, plasters on the go!

Superdrug Fix 'Em Plasters

I can confirm that they stick really well and will last through the day BUT they also peel off easily when you need them to - there were no tears here.

Superdrug Fix 'Em Plasters

We all love how bright and colourful they are and E enjoyed trying to copy all the emoji faces that were on her plaster which caused much amusement and laughter - just what kids need when they're hurting!

Superdrug Fix 'Em Plasters

These fun and smiley plasters are a fabulous addition to our first aid cupboard.

Do your children have phantom injuries just to get their hands on a plaster?

I received this product for review purposes.  I am always honest in my reviews and all opinions are my own or that of my family.


  1. These look fab. I used to hate how the packaging got all squished up whether in the medicine box or in your bag.

    Yes, phantom injuries but mostly because eldest wanted an ankle/wrist/elbow support. I think it became an obsession at one point! Glad he's grown out of it hahaha.

    Fab review Kate x

    1. Yes, squished plaster boxes drive me crazy!

      Isn't it funny how kids become obsessed with things like that :D

      Thanks for stopping by Shaz x


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