The New Beginnings Coffee Club by Samantha Tonge

Everyone deserves a second chance…don’t they?

The New Beginnings Coffee Club
Genre: Romance
Publisher: HQ Digital
Publication Date: 5 May 2017
ISBN-13: 9780008239169

"Jenny Masters finds herself living the modern dream. Wife to a millionaire, living in a mansion and mother to Kardashian-obsessed ten-year-old April, there isn’t anything missing. Until, her whole world comes crashing down, forcing Jenny and April to leave behind their glittering life and start over with nothing.

With village gossip following her wherever she goes, she finds refuge and a job in the new coffee shop in town. As the days pass Jenny fears she doesn’t have what it takes to pick herself back up and give April the life she always wanted to. But with the help of enigmatic new boss Noah, and housemate Elle, Jenny realises it’s never too late to become the woman life really intended you to be!"


I'm a bit of a coffee addict so as soon as I saw the title for Samantha Tonge's latest book I just couldn't resist requesting it!

The authors warm writing style shone through right from the start as I was embraced by comfortable characters and easy to visualise scenes. I loved the idea of the coffee club and couldn't wait to delve deeper into that side of the storyline.

Jenny seemed to have the perfect life until a life-changing revelation brought it all crashing down around her. There were some difficult scenes that followed and I couldn't help but feel sad for Jenny and her daughter. The author captured the complexities of Jenny's life beautifully, the after-effects of the devastating event were described in vivid detail and left me feeling quite emotional. 

As her life moved forward I enjoyed seeing how she dealt with each obstacle she came across. The coffee shop felt like the perfect safe haven for someone who had reached a crossroads and needed time to collect their thoughts. 

I would have liked to have read a bit more about the coffee club itself and also its members, it was one of the things that attracted me to this book so I was a little disappointed.

As the title suggests, this was a warm tale of new beginnings. A charming read, perfect for curling up on the sofa with a nice cuppa!

4 Stars
4 Stars



Thank you to the publisher for approving my NetGalley request for this eBook in exchange for my honest opinion.


  1. Sounds like a good summer read Kate. Maybe Sam will write about the coffee club in another novel ...

    Fab review x


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