Book Review - Mad by Chloé Esposito

The first book in the Mad, Bad and Dangerous to Know trilogy.

Genre: Humour | Thriller | Crime
Publisher: Michael Joseph
Publication Date: 15 June 2017
ISBN-13: 9780718185695

"'There's something you should know before we go any further: my heart is in the wrong place. Now don't say I didn't warn you . . .'

Perhaps that's why nothing in Alvie's life has ever gone right? Until now.

She can finally abandon her credit card debt - and her fruitless three-way relationship with Tinder and Twitter - when fate gives her the chance to steal her identical twin's perfect life.

It's just a shame Beth had to die to make Alvie's dreams come true.

So begin seven days of sex, violence and unapologetic selfies - one wild week that sees Alvie break every rule in the book. She never did have much respect for boundaries.

It might be madness, but rules are meant to be broken. Right?"


As soon as I read the description of this book I knew I had to read it - it sounded edgy and a bit crazy, I couldn't wait to delve into the madness.

Wow, it was addictive right from the start. Alvina's behaviour was shocking but it was simply impossible to look away. I couldn't stop flipping the pages, I didn't just want to know what Alvina would do next, I needed to know! She was a pretty unforgettable character - blunt, mostly uncaring, unpredictable yet SO entertaining. There were certainly lots of laugh out loud moments.

Alvina was very sexually motivated so expect lots of explicit scenes. In my opinion these scenes were required to create the right atmosphere for the storyline, it needed to be edgy and gritty to successfully represent Alvina's strong personality. 

I was surprised by Alvina's sister Beth, especially when she made her proposal - I had so many questions about her reasoning but feared I might never find the answers. I quickly forgot about the 'why' though as a crazy series of events followed, each of which had me on the edge of my seat wondering what on earth would happen next! Alvina seemed to thrive on all the drama as she rolled from one life-threatening situation to the next leaving all kinds of carnage in her wake.

Mad was a scandalously fun page-turner, complete with insane antics and heart-pounding action. I can't wait for the next instalment!

5 Stars
5 Stars


Chloé Esposito grew up in Cheltenham and now lives in London with her husband and daughter. She has a BA and MA in English from The University of Oxford and has worked as a senior management consultant, an English teacher, and a fashion journalist. Esposito is a graduate of the Faber Academy, and this is her first novel.



Thank you to the PR for sending me this book in exchange for my honest opinion.


  1. I can tell how much you enjoyed this story Kate. Blimey, it sounds like a fast pace :) Great review. x

    1. It's definitely fast-paced Shaz - I pretty much read it with permanently raised eyebrows :D

      Thanks for stopping by x


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