Children's Book Review - Doodle Cat is Bored by Kat Patrick & Lauren Marriott

The sequel to I Am Doodle Cat!

Doodle Cat is Bored
Genre: Picture Book
Publisher: Scribble
Publication Date: 8 June 2017
ISBN-13: 9781911344131
Age Range: 0-4 Years

"Doodle Cat is back and he is very bored.

Until he finds a thing!

But what is this thing and what does it do?

Bursting with imagination and fun, Doodle Cat returns to remind us to be curious, creative and to explore every option."


Initially this looks like a simple book and I wasn't sure E would connect with it as she usually likes books with a lot to look at but how wrong could I have been - she loves it! Read on to find out why she always ends up laughing hysterically whenever we read it.

The illustrations are super bright and colourful, they catch your eye and bring the story to life beautifully.

Doodle Cat is Bored

Doodle Cat is a lovely character. If you can overlook the fact that he's a cat he is actually very relatable and reminds me of all of my children at one time or another - inquisitive, imaginative, a little bit crazy and sometimes bored.

Doodle Cat is Bored

The storyline itself is fun but it also teaches children to use their imagination and find their own entertainment. I mentioned in a recent post that it's SO helpful when children can occupy themselves and I feel that this book encourages them to do so.

Doodle Cat is Bored

The pages that are guaranteed to make E laugh out loud involve farts and Doodle Cat's bum, absolutely perfect content for E's sense of humour 😂.

This book is a great addition to our children's book library, E asks me to read it to her most days and I've even caught her telling the story to herself from memory whilst dissolving into giggles over bums, farts and Wizard Susan's moustache (don't ask)!



Londoner KAT PATRICK recently realised she never actually grew up, and so has been trying to make a living as a writer ever since. Hailing from Blighty, she has lived in New Zealand, Paris, Patagonia and London.

LAUREN MARRIOTT is, above all other things, a doodler. There was never any questioning her career path. Since graduating with a Bachelor of Design, Majoring in Illustration, she has made a successful living of doodling. Endlessly.


Thank you to the publisher for sending us this book in exchange for our honest opinion.


  1. I'm chuckling at your review Kate :)

    One of the illustrations ... I had a magic carpet with Sam which he controlled and took us all over the world. Amazing imagination! I miss those days!

    Fab review. x

    1. Aww I love children's imaginations, they keep mine active too!


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