Conscious Water

Have you ever enhanced your water? 

I have to admit that I had never heard of a water enhancer until I received a sample pack from Conscious Water in my Choc Lit on Tour goody bag. I loved the idea though, especially as we drink lots of water, and I couldn't wait to give it a try!

Conscious Water

"Conscious Water is a 100% natural flower essence water enhancer that, when added to tap or mineral water, makes a refreshing drink that adds a bit of inspiration and aspiration to your day. It contains only all natural flavourings, no artificial colours and no chemicals or artificial preservatives."

So far there is just one series of flavours, aka aspirations...

Love - with a hint of lychee rose flavour
Sweet Dreams - with a hint of pink lady lavender flavour
Clarity - with a hint of green tea spearmint flavour
Serenity - with a hint of orange blossom flavour
Rejuvenation - with a hint of apple elderflower flavour
Happiness - with a hint of dragon fruit strawberry flavour

My sample pack contained three 5ml sachets: Sweet Dreams, Happiness and Love. There was also a little wooden stirring stick.

Conscious Water

I tried Happiness first. The pack suggested that you can use the sachets with just one hand and I can confirm that it's absolutely true, I simply bent the sachet in half and squeezed the contents into a 250ml glass of water.

Conscious Water

I gave it a good stir with the stick provided then I had my first taste.

Conscious Water

It tasted delicious! It was refreshing and fruity but in a really delicate way, the flavour wasn't overwhelming and I found myself wanting more.

Next I tried Love, sadly this didn't appeal to me because the flowery flavour just wasn't to my taste. Surprisingly it had quite a strong flavour and I struggled to finish the glass.

I saved Sweet Dreams for last because I'm not keen on lavender so I wasn't expecting to like it. Guess what though, it was yummy! I swear I could taste apples but that may just have been my uneducated taste buds picking up something else. Whatever it was doesn't really matter, the main thing is I enjoyed it.

My favourite aspiration of the three I tried was Happiness.

Conscious Water

I can't say I noticed that I was particularly happier after drinking Happiness, more in love after drinking Love or if I had nicer dreams after drinking Sweet Dreams - I suppose it's possible but I do think that if you believe something works then usually it will. I'll leave you with that thought.

This is not a sponsored post, I simply wanted to share a product I enjoyed.