My First Book Event as a Blogger - Choc Lit on Tour!

Last month I went to the Southampton stop of the Choc Lit Tour. My ticket cost £5 which included a gorgeous Jute Tote goody bag (worth more!) but I'll tell you more about all that in a minute.

 Tour bus with books

Even though I've been blogging for just over five years it was my very first event as a blogger so I was a little bit nervous but excited about the new experience. I was also looking forward to meeting the lovely Shaz from Jera's Jamboree who I've been chatting to online for almost all of my blogging life!

When we arrived we were given a name sticker (it's always useful to know who you're talking to), a drink of water and of course some chocolate. After a quick hello we sat down ready to hear from the Choc Lit author panel - from left to right: Evonne Wareham, Jan Brigden, Liv Thomas and Laura E. James.

Choc Lit Author Panel

Each author told us about their road to publication, shared their advice for aspiring writers (in particular the importance of social media), told us what they're working on at the moment and talked about looking at writing from a business point of view. 

Then there was a chance to ask the authors some questions, my favourite had to be a question about research - hearing some of the things these authors get up to in the name of research was extremely amusing!

As an avid reader I found it fascinating to hear about this world from the author's perspective.

Choc Lit Author Panel

There was plenty of time to mingle after this so Shaz and I took the opportunity to take a selfie...

Kate and Shaz

I bought myself a copy of Follow Me Follow You by Laura E. James...

Laura E. James

Laura very kindly signed the book for me (look out for my book review later this month)...

Laura E. James

Next up was even more chocolate and a 'guess the mystery author' quiz which my table won, woohoo! Our prize was a lovely little box of Lindt chocolates which were absolutely delicious 😋. 

There was also a fun game of 'match the author to their book' and once again our table got 100% (thanks to Sue Fortin who, being a fabulous author herself, knew who all the authors were). 

At this point any budding writers in the group who had pre-arranged a pitch went off with their manuscript to speak to the Choc Lit editors. For the rest of us it was time to say goodbye and head home with our goody bags.

Choc Lit Goody Bag

Not only did we get the gorgeous (and useful) Jute Tote bag but it was filled with loads of bookish goodies and yes you guessed it, more chocolate!

Choc Lit Goody Bag

I had a lovely afternoon with the Choc Lit gang and fellow book lovers, now I can't wait to get the chance to go to another event.

Here are the details for the next Choc Lit on Tour stop:

Saturday 17th June: 1.30 – 4 pm at Stockton Central Library, Church Road, Stockton-on-Tees, TS18 1TU. 

Authors attending: Jane Lovering, Kirsty Ferry, Lynda Stacey & AnneMarie Brear.

You can also visit the Choc Lit website for more information.


  1. So glad you enjoyed yourself. It was a fun afternoon.

    1. It was wasn't it, the perfect first event for me I think! It was lovely to meet you Evonne x


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