Splashlings Review

Have you heard of Splashlings

They're a super-cute new collectible kids toy based on an underwater world. We were recently given the chance to try them out and of course we couldn't resist! 

We received a pack of figures and the Medical Clinic play set. I pretty much had to hold E back with one hand while I tried to take the 'before' photos 😂.


"Collect treasure shells and adorable sea pets and play with gorgeous mermaid characters in the fun Medical Centre and Coral Playground playsets. There is lots of scope for imaginative play! To learn more about the Splashlings, you can also watch Webisodes featuring Splashlings and the fun mermaids in undersea adventures! 

With prices starting at £2.49rrp for the Splashlings 2 Piece Collector Shell to 6 character Mermaid & Friends sets (£5.49) and 12 character Mermaid & Friends sets (£10.99rrp), there is something for all budgets. The Splashlings Medical Centre play set is £15.99rrp, and the Splashlings Coral Playground Set is £22.99rrp."

So as you can probably guess, E couldn't contain her excitement when she first set eyes on these lovely little characters. She was bouncing around and squealing with joy when she saw the Medical Clinic because she's SO obsessed with Dr Ranj from the CBeebies show Get Well Soon. This couldn't have been more perfect for her!

The Medical Clinic had everything our budding little doctor could wish for - an x-ray machine complete with turning x-ray image, a height and weight area, an examination table with a variety of tools (the syringe was E's favourite, she now uses it on all her toys) and even a little bed for the underwater creatures' recovery.


Underneath each character is a little hole so they can easily be put onto the various pieces of equipment and they actually stay put. No rolling around for our Splashlings!


The pack of figures contained a range of underwater characters, one mermaid and also two surprise characters which were inside the shells, E couldn't wait to open them up to find out which ones were inside (once again I had to hold her back for photo purposes). 


The figures have a rubbery feel to them and also feel pretty strong which is a good thing for us because E is rather rough on her toys.


The pack of figures also came with this handy collectors guide sheet so we could tick off the characters/mermaids/shells that we had. It makes it easy to see at a glance which ones we still need to get.


Once all the obligatory photos had been taken I set E loose with the play set/figures and she sat on the floor playing with it all for AGES! Don't you just love toys that your children are happy to play with by themselves, that occupy them so you can get on with other things, what an absolute godsend.


As I mentioned before, the tiny little syringe is a big hit, probably because its plunger actually moves in and out.


Another favourite was the x-ray machine.


So we basically think Splashlings are great - they're cute, they're collectible and they're fabulous at occupying little ones. We couldn't ask for anything more!

What do you think of Splashlings? Do your little ones like collectibles? I'd love to hear your thoughts.

I received these products for review purposes. I am always honest in my reviews and all opinions are my own or that of my family.


  1. Awww bless her. Playing helps to figure out the world doesn't it and this looks fabulous Kate. Great review x


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