Transform Baby's Grey Whites With A DYLON Pod

All four of our children have used muslin squares (or muzzys as we call them) as comfort blankets/dribble cloths when they were babies/toddlers.

When we had Z we bought quite a few new muzzys, we also used some of E's even though they looked a little shabby - I figured I'd save those ones to use at home. 

Now, almost 9 months later, they're all looking pretty dull and grey. I didn't want to spend a fortune buying new ones though so I had been thinking about dyeing them but I was a little concerned about the dye being too harsh for a baby's delicate skin.

Then I found out about the new DYLON Pods which are perfectly safe to use on baby's whites (or greys in our case) and I couldn't wait to transform our muzzys into something we'd be proud to show off in public rather than hiding them in the changing bag. 

I chose the beautiful Passion Pink Pod...


"DYLON Fabric Dyes has launched a revolution in home fabric dyeing - an easy-to-use Pod that you simply place into the machine giving brilliant colour results. No more cutting bags of loose dye and getting dye on your hands, scissors, or even worse the fear of spilling it on the floor. The easy-to-use Pod pops straight into your washing machine, before releasing the colour to be retrieved clean, empty and ready for recycling.

No need for salt - it's already in the formula!

For the strongest results, dye cotton, linen and viscose. Mixed fabrics (containing synthetics such as polyester) will dye to lighter shades. Please be mindful that wool, silk, fully synthetic fibres (polyester, acrylic, nylon) and fabrics with special finishes or membranes cannot be dyed. One Pod will dye up to 600g of dry, white fabric to the full shade."

By following these simple steps, you can achieve a strong, all-over colour that gives your clothes a new lease of life in one cycle:

1) Put damp fabric into the drum


2) Just remove the sleeve and peel the foil from the top, place the Pod directly into the drum of your washing machine and run a 40°C or 30°C cycle


The transformation begins straight away...


3) Run another 40°C or 30°C cycle with detergent


Ta-da! The dyeing process is now complete...


4) Dry fabric away from direct heat and sunlight (luckily we dyed ours on a dull but windy day), do not use a radiator.


The DYLON Pod was so easy to use and I'm absolutely thrilled with the final results, I'll no longer be embarrassed to use our muzzys while we're out and about!


Check out my YouTube video to see the process in action...

The Pods are available in Wilkinson's, John Lewis, Dunelm, Robert Dyas and craft and haberdashery stores nationwide.

Have you ever transformed any clothes/fabrics? What do you think of the DYLON Pod? I'd love to hear your thoughts.

I received this product for review purposes.  I am always honest in my reviews and all opinions are my own or that of my family.


  1. So, so easy Kate! Does the pod say anything about the environment? I was just wondering about the dye in the rinse etc.

    Fab review. Love your video :)

    1. It really is easy Shaz, perfect for my busy life! I didn't notice anything about the environment on the pod and I can't see anything on the website either so I'm afraid I'm not sure.


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