Book Round Up - June 2017

Welcome to my book round up for June!

If you don't already know, my monthly book round up video is a collection of physical books that I've bought or received from authors/publishers/PRs. If I've added any eBooks to my 'To Read' list I'll share them on this page. You can see all my previous book round ups by clicking here.

So without further ado, here are the books added to my 'To Read' list in June 2017...

Once again I only added one eBook to my list this month - Dating Daisy by Daisy Mae which I received from the PR ahead of the August blog tour that I'm taking part in.

Dating Daisy
Image provided by the PR
"Daisy Mae has finally left her horrible husband after decades of unfulfilling marriage. Ready to embark on a new liberated life of adventure and fun, it dawns on Daisy that the last time she was asked out on a date was in the 80s, long before Whatsapp, Tinder, Happn and Bumble arrived; all meaningless words to Daisy’s frankly middle-aged ears.

As a sexual health doctor Daisy Mae, more than most, has reason to be cautious about throwing herself headfirst into 21st century dating. With guidance and encouragement from her seventeen-year-old daughter Imogen, her surrogate parents with a swanky house and swimming pool known fondly as The Amigos, and her friends Pinky and Jeannie, a nonagenarian who sends her insightful relationship tips from her nursing home, Daisy joins an online dating site in the hope that romance will swiftly follow.

But dating in the age of selfies and social media isn’t easy, and what begins as an innocent foray soon unravels in spectacular fashion. Daisy had not expected that she’d have to decode tech-speak (did you know 531 meant sex?), endure mortifying first dates with men who look nothing like their profiles, and be on the receiving end of an unwanted barrage of explicit photographs.

Is the price of finding love online too high? Or can Daisy Mae swipe her way to success?"

Have you read any of the books in this month's round up?

Are there any books that have caught your eye?

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