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If you're a regular V Family Fun reader you might remember my posts about Valley Mill. I've tried out some gorgeous products for them in the past and I even bought my parents one of the Welsh Slate House Signs for Christmas 2016 (so easy to create on the Valley Mill website and my parents absolutely love it, they get so many compliments)!

So today I'm going to share my thoughts on one of the new soy wax candle fragrances (find out more about the new fragrances and some important changes on the Valley Mill Blog) and also a handmade, 100% natural and vegan-friendly bar of soap. 

High quality home and giftware hand made in Wales.

Valley Mill

So the first thing that always catches my eye right from the start with products from Valley Mill is the recyclable packaging. With all the recent news stories about the damaging effects of plastic, it's refreshing to see a company who consider the environment when creating their packaging. 

Being a candle fanatic, I couldn't stop the 'wow' from escaping my lips when I opened up the candle box and set eyes on the stunning Hoffi Coffi candle. It looks too good to use doesn't it!

Valley Mill Candle

The candle comes in a re-usable heavy weight tumbler and has a Welsh Slate lid (engraved with the Valley Mill logo) that doubles up as the base, to protect your surfaces, and once your candle has burned out (after 60 hours burn time) it can be used as a high quality coaster. 

Recycling is clearly important to Valley Mill and I have to admit that I love products which have multiple uses, it always makes me feel like I'm getting value for money.

Valley Mill Candle
So what about the fragrance? 

Hoffi Coffi is supposed to smell of roast coffee (a coffee scented candle is my idea of perfection by the way) and I can confirm that it absolutely does! Since the candle arrived, my lounge has been filled with the most delicious aroma of coffee. I'm sure I can sense a hint of caramel within the coffee fragrance too, but that might just be my built-in sugar radar trying to convince me (this mama has a serious sweet-tooth).

Valley Mill Candles

Did you notice the wooden wick? 

I mentioned on my Instagram page that I had never used a candle with a wooden wick before - I feel like I've been missing out. It took a little longer to light but once it did the effect was beautiful, the shape of the flame and the way it flickers is mesmerising.

Valley Mill Candle

The box claims that these candles have been designed to ensure a full surface area melt pool which will give you the best possible scent when you're burning it. Now, it drives me crazy when candles only burn down the middle and you end up with a lot of unused wax so I was keen to find out if this claim was true...

Valley Mill Candles

There's your proof, it definitely melts right to the edge of the glass so it will give me a nice clean finish. Thank you for not driving me crazy Valley Mill!

Next up is the Rosemary & Lime Soap which I could smell before I had even opened up the delivery box.

Valley Mill Soap

I love the raw appearance of the soap, it reminds me that this is a completely natural product which I can happily let my whole family use (even T with his psoriasis and the little ones with their delicate, new skin). 

The Rosemary & Lime soap is naturally antiseptic and antibiotic, both rosemary and lime have been used over the years to aid skin care.

Valley Mill Handmade Soap

I was pleased with the amount of lather (I do like my soap to lather up nicely) and I loved how luxurious it felt to use. I could feel it nourishing my skin and the fresh fragrance left my skin (and the bathroom) smelling good for a long time afterwards.

Valley Mill

If you follow my Bookstagram page you'll notice the candle popping up in quite a few of my photos - I've never come across such a photogenic candle and simply can't resist 😄.

VFamilyBooks - Bookstagram Page

If you're looking for a gift for someone who loves candles or even just a treat for yourself (go on, you're worth it) then I'd definitely recommend a browse on the Valley Mill website. There are so many gorgeous handmade goodies to choose from.

You can find out more about Valley Mill on their blog or on the following social media channels:

What do you think of Valley Mill's packaging?

Have you ever used a wooden wick candle?

Do you like using natural products?

I'd love to hear your thoughts...

I received these products for review purposes. I am always honest in my reviews and all opinions are my own or that of my family.


  1. Love how the packaging is so environmental friendly Kate. Wooden wick? Never!

    Great photos and review :) x

    1. Thank you Shaz, the packaging is fabulous isn't it and the wooden wick is a revelation for me!

      I really enjoyed taking these photos, I always find it easy when I have such a beautiful product to capture :)


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