Mila And Pheebs June 2017 Stationery Box For Kids

You might remember my previous post about the Mila & Pheebs kids stationery box - it contained my first EVER unboxing video!

Well, we were recently given the chance to try out the June box and seeing as the girls had so much fun with the last box I simply couldn't resist. 

Mila & Pheebs
The Mila & Pheebs Newsletter

Mila and Pheebs is a family run business and not a huge corporation. The team is made up of;
  • Alexis (Mummy) who imagines each box and theme then brings it life by searching multiple suppliers for the perfect items.
  • Pete (Daddy) who creates, designs and produces the graphic designs and activities.
  • Milena and Phoebe (the twins) who help with very important sticker labelling and fetching printed items from the printer.
As soon as the box dropped through our letterbox (yes it can fit through the letterbox, no waiting in for the postman with this one) E was desperate to open it. Obviously I wanted to do another unboxing video so I had no choice but to let her have a starring role...

Personally I think she has a bright future as a YouTuber (not that I'm biased or anything)! 

So as you could see, the box was full to the brim with bright and colourful crafting items that E couldn't wait to get her hands on. She started off with the parrot (not eagle) and was so proud of the final result. This is what I love about the Mila & pheebs boxes, the crafts aren't too technical for little ones and this means that they are able to create a piece of artwork they can feel proud of.

Mila & Pheebs

I love the monkey scissors, they were quickly put up out of reach from E though as she isn't quite old enough to use scissors unsupervised. The stickers went to a good home on our filing cabinet, E and N had a great time finding places to put the little animals. 

N filled in the Criss Cross puzzle whilst E shouted out animal names (mostly EAGLE EAGLE EAGLE) and the lion eraser was quickly introduced to E's toys. He now spends his days frightening Peppa Pig and numerous LOL Dolls 😂.

Mila & Pheebs

We're saving these lovely animal print cards for thank you notes because we think they'll be very well received. The lion pencil is not being saved, N used it for the puzzles that were included in the box and E has been writing lists... ?

Mila & Pheebs

The dotty art was extremely popular with my girls. To begin with E wanted to do both sheets but after some fierce negotiations N ended up having a go too. 

It's such a simple idea and really easy to do but so effective I think.

Mila & Pheebs

I mentioned that E had been writing lists, this took place in the cute elephant notebook. I'm not entirely sure what the lists are for but there's probably something about a wolf in there somewhere. 

The push pencil disappeared into N's pencil case so I have a feeling I'll never set eyes on that again.

Mila & Pheebs

With all the craziness in the V Family household I always appreciate a little quiet time so these colouring in sheets were a wonderful addition in my opinion. Colouring in is known to be a relaxing activity and this certainly applies to my family, the girls sat colouring quietly for a good 30 minutes - it was blissful!

Mila & Pheebs

Once again I was impressed by the amount of items in the box and the quality of each item. The Mila & Pheebs boxes are so well thought out, you can tell that this is a family run business because it feels so personal/made with love.

Mila and Pheebs offer one-off boxes, a rolling subscription service for 3 months, 6 months or even a whole year (imagine receiving one of these lovely boxes every single month for a year) and even birthday boxes which I think is an amazing idea for the little people in your life! Pop over to the website and you'll find all the information you need about their subscription services, boxes and relevant costs. 

You can find Mila & Pheebs on the following social media channels:

Have you ever bought a box from Mila and Pheebs? 

Would your little ones enjoy this box?

What do you think of E's YouTube skills?

I'd love to hear your thoughts...

I received this box for review purposes. I am always honest in my reviews and all opinions are my own or that of my family.


  1. E is SO GORGEOUS :D The star of the show Kate. xx

    1. Thank you Shaz, it makes me smile every time I watch it. Editing was fun! She keeps asking me if I'm doing another "YouTube" - I think she'll be my partner more often :D


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