Summer Holidays Inspiration Part 1

The V Family have quite a long list of fun activities to plough through this summer so I thought I'd share some of our experiences here on the blog to provide inspiration for my readers. Click here to see all these posts together.

So first up is the beach...

V Family at the beach

A lot of people think a trip to the beach depends on good weather, well not in our world. I've lost count of the number of times I've sat on a beach with an umbrella in my hand! It all stems back to my own childhood when my parents often took us to the beach in the rain, we still had loads of fun - you're going to get wet in the water anyway.

V Family at the beach

Everywhere we go is just another opportunity for N to do gymnastics! We also have the traditional stone skimming competition which hubby and T usually win - why are boys so good at those type of things?

V Family at the beach
This week we visited a local craft centre where you can paint your choice of pottery or create something with decopatch. We had heard so many good things about this particular place but had never actually visited even though it's only about 5 minutes from our house. 

I'm so glad we finally went because the girls loved it (T was paintballing with his friends) and I know we'll be going back for more! 

Z made a hand print plate...

V Family Painting

E painted a fish all sorts of colours and called her Amy...

V Family Painting

And N painted this beautiful tortoise trinket box which she called Trev because we have family members who have a real tortoise called Trev 😄.

V Family Painting

We're looking forward to popping back to pick up our finished designs once they've been fired.

A pub lunch is a must after all that creative fun and is something that I'd recommend as much as possible during the summer holidays 😉.

V Family Lunch
We also went bowling. This is one of our regular holiday activities because they all enjoy it.

For this particular bowling trip we tried Hollywood Bowl for the first time - it was fabulous, the seats were super comfy, the food was delicious, the toilets were clean (a very important feature in my opinion) and the atmosphere was bright. We'll definitely be returning!

V Family Bowling

So that was our first group of ideas for things to do with the kids in the holidays, there will be lots more to come so watch this space.

Have you enjoyed any of these activities during the summer holidays 2017?

Have I given you any ideas?

I'd love to hear from you...