Baby On The Move!

Z is 10 months old now (where has the time gone) and has been showing all the signs that she'll soon be walking. She crawls but she also pulls herself up easily, walks along the furniture with ease and even stands by herself for a minute or two without holding on (eeeek slow down, mummy's not ready)!

Anyway, it's pretty obvious that she wants to get around by herself so I reluctantly started thinking about baby walkers...

Ready Set Go! Enjoy the open road with this Classic VW Camper Van Walker from Hape.

Hape VW Camper Van Walker
Available to buy online from Amazon | Recommended age 10 months +

All Hape products are created using non-toxic finishes, water based paints and only the highest quality child safe materials.

Having had four children and MANY baby walkers (we learnt the hard way that some walkers aren't actually very safe) we had a rough idea of what we were looking for and this VW Camper Van Walker ticked all the boxes!

Hape VW Camper Van Walker

Not only does it look really cool and realistic (my parents had a VW Camper Van in this exact colour when I was a child so it brings back loads of memories) but it's also exceptionally functional...

1. The handle has two positions, one for when they're just starting out and the other for when they're older and have a bit more control.

2. The back wheels actually have a speed reducer! It's basically a screw that you tighten, making the wheels harder to roll - absolutely perfect for little ones who are learning to walk because it means the walker doesn't run away with them. These can then be loosened as your baby gains confidence with walking.

Hape VW Camper Van Walker

The detail is fantastic, when we first got it out of the box I spent a good fifteen minutes just looking at it and marvelling at how real it looked 😁.

Speaking of getting it out of the box, I was sooo happy that it came pretty much already made - all I had to do was screw the handle to the base. Simple!

Hape VW Camper Van Walker

Z wasted no time in investigating her new set of wheels and stood nice and steady when holding onto it (thank you speed reducer). It did tip up a bit when she tried to pull herself up with the handle but she soon figured out that she could use her legs to push herself up instead.

Hape VW Camper Van Walker

Another great thing about the VW Camper Van Walker is that it grows with your child, I know this because E loves it too! She has filled it with her toys and taken them to the beach/forest/park, she sat in it (it's very strong) and pretended to drive to McDonalds, she even travelled to Florida in it - her imagination knows no bounds!

Z also likes to sit in it. As soon as she realised she could get in and out of it, that became her new favourite thing to do. Sometimes E pushes her around the room while she's inside, creating giggles galore.

Hape VW Camper Van Walker

It's already been well used as a toy carrier, I never know what or who I'm going to find inside. Another plus point in my opinion is that it has plenty of room for toys without being too big and taking up half of the lounge. 

Hape VW Camper Van Walker

In fact E came up with the perfect parking place for it - under Z's highchair!

Hape VW Camper Van Walker

I wish this had been available back when I had T and N, it's a fabulous walker which gives Z the freedom to get around on her feet for the first time and myself the peace of mind that only comes with products I feel are safe for my children.

What do you think of the VW Camper Van Walker?

I'd love to hear your thoughts...

 I received this product for review purposes. I am always honest in my reviews and all opinions are my own or that of my family.