Summer Holidays Inspiration Part 2

Welcome to part 2 of my Summer Holidays Inspiration series where I'll be sharing the things we've been getting up to during the school holidays and hopefully provide some inspiration. Click here to see all these posts together.

First up on list number two is Ice skating...

Ice Skating

I was massively excited about this activity because I was pregnant the last time we went so I couldn't take part. I'm pretty rubbish at it (T and N totally put me to shame) but I love it anyway.

We also had Z Christened, now I know this isn't technically an activity that everyone can do in the holidays but it certainly took up a lot of our time with all the planning and preparation. It was so worth it though because it turned out to be a wonderful day! 

Z's Christening

The photo on the bottom left is E when she got bored in church and decided it would be much more fun to hang upside down on the bench 😊.

We always try to do at least one new activity every summer and indoor skydiving was one of those new things for this year. We went to our local iFly centre and, although it was quite expensive, T and N had an amazing experience! It's definitely something they would recommend.

Indoor Skydiving

We hadn't been to Weymouth for a long time (we used to spend a week there every year) so we made a spur of the moment decision to drive down and spend a Saturday there...


It was a lovely day, there were lots of fairground rides which obviously you have to pay for either in cash or tokens. The donkey rides were a big hit with E and N as was the arcade - it was E's first experience of an arcade so she was pretty wowed by the whole thing!

We also spent some time down by the water, chasing waves never gets old does it 😁.

Monkey World was another place we hadn't been to for a long time...

Monkey World

The weather was beautiful on the day we visited and we were lucky that it wasn't hugely busy. E loved seeing all the different kinds of monkey and still talks about them, especially the one who showed us its bum!

If you follow me on Instagram you may have already seen some images from our trip to Alton Towers...

Alton Towers

I won't go into too much detail here because I'm planning on writing a separate blog post about our experience - we had such an amazing couple of days that I feel I need to do it justice. We spent two days at the park and a night in the CBeebies Hotel and we loved every single moment, I can't recommend it enough!

The last activity on this list is good old fashioned baking...


It's something we always do in the holidays, it's a perfect rainy day activity that gives you something yummy to look forward to at the end of it. This time we made Danish Butter Biscuits which, if you are a regular reader, you might remember from our Half Term Hygge. Yummy!

So that was our second group of ideas for things to do with the kids in the holidays, there will be more to come so watch this space.

Have you enjoyed any of these activities during the summer holidays 2017?

Have I given you any ideas?

I'd love to hear from you...


  1. Hahaha (monkey's bum). Looks like you're having awesome family fun Kate. Memories to treasure xx

    1. Haha it was quite an experience! We've had so much fun Shaz, I don't want them to go back to school :( x


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