The Book Matchmaker

Regular readers might remember my post about The Blind Date Book Company - my family bought me a gorgeous Mother's Day gift box from them...

Mother's Day Gift Box

Anyway, they are now known as The Book Matchmaker and I was recently chosen to be one of their brand reps!

Here's the first package I received as a rep, just look at that gorgeous wrapping...

The Book Matchmaker

So the four words describing my blind date book was Betrayal, Love, PowerLies and the genre I picked was Fantasy but I had no idea which book it could be. I was so excited to find out!

Here's the YouTube video I filmed as I unwrapped my package...

As you could probably tell, I couldn't have been happier with the book I received. Once again The Book Matchmaker has matched me with the perfect book 😊.

The Book Matchmaker

If you'd like to experience The Book Matchmaker for yourself you can use BOOKMATCHREP10 to get 10% off your order - why not grab yourself an exciting bargain.

What do you think about blind date books?

Have you ever shopped at The Book Matchmaker?

I'd love to hear your thoughts...


  1. Congratulations Kate. I remember how excited you were with your Mother's Day gift. I think I'm going to be pointing my boys to The Book Matchmaker on my Christmas List! x

    1. It's so exciting opening up a surprise like that Shaz, I'd definitely recommend it! x


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