A Day in the Life...

You might have noticed that I haven't been posting here as often as I used to. Since the kids have gone back to school I feel like I've been running around non-stop, I just haven't had the time or the energy to blog on a regular basis (especially when I also have a billion books to read and review).

Anyway, one recent Wednesday I decided to make a note of everything I did during the day and I thought it would be fun to share it here...

6.30am - wake up, toilet, teeth, help E on toilet.

6.45am - Z bottle

7am - wake T and N up, change Z's nappy and get her dressed

7.15am - sort school clothes into piles ready for wear

7.30am - make breakfast and lunch boxes for T and N

7.45am - mummy's coffee (and quick peek online) break

8am - wave T off (he's too grown up for a lift from mum) and get myself and E dressed

8.15am - drive N to school

8.45am - get home and make E and Z breakfast

9.20am - tackle the daily mountain of washing

10am - time for Z's nap, E plays quietly with her toys and I join her once I've finished any little jobs that need doing

10.45am - fold dry washing

11.15am - early lunch for E before preschool

11.30am - Z's lunch and nappy change

11.50am - get E ready for preschool

12.15pm - take E to preschool

12.40pm - co-op to do top-up shop and get cupcakes for flints birthday celebration

1.10pm - my lunch

1.40pm - mummy and Z's play time and another nappy change

2pm - empty the dishwasher

2.20pm - fold more dry washing

2.40pm - short coffee (and online) break

3pm - get ready to pick E up from preschool

3.30pm - preschool pick-up and meet N (she walks home on Wednesdays)

4pm - pick T up from after-school rugby club

4.30pm - cook and eat evening meal

5.30pm - early bath for E and Z

6pm - my parents arrive to babysit while I take N to her gymnastics club

7pm - N's gymnastics session begins while I sit (with a coffee) and watch in the spectator room - a blissfully quiet couple of hours for me!

9pm - gymnastics is finished and we head home

9.35pm - arrive home and relieve my parents from babysitting duties (Z is usually asleep and E very close to it)

9.50pm - head upstairs to get pyjamas on and put E to bed

10.10pm - brush teeth and get in bed to do a quick burst of reading

10.40pm onwards - fall asleep 

Hubby was working away on this particular Wednesday so he wasn't around to help out (he's usually a big help with the kids) and this meant things were a little more manic than usual but this does give you an idea of a typical day for me.

Have you ever stopped to think about how much you squeeze into one day?

I challenge you to record your own 'day in the life'...


  1. I certainly don't miss being busy with chores and drop offs/pick ups Kate. At the time you don't even think about it do you! x

    1. Those 'Mum's taxi service' signs make so much sense to me right now :D

      Thanks for stopping by Shaz x


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