My name is Kate and I live in the South of England, my family are my whole world but I also love blogging (and a few other yummy/sparkly things)!

I enjoy sharing my opinion on parenting highs and lows, the items my family and I use each day, places we've been and everything in between. I'm also an avid reader and like to share my thoughts and feelings on the books I've read (my book reviews and author interviews were previously featured on my book blog Me, My Books and I). 

My husband and I have created 4 lovely children: 'T' a 14 year old boy, 'N' a 11 year old girl, 'E' a 3 year old girl and 'Z' our 11 month old baby girl. Also sharing our crazy life is our big drooly dog 'Flint' and 2 leopard geckos 'Lego' and 'Stripy'. Together we're the V Family!

Recently N has taken on a corner of V Family Fun and this is a place for her to share anything that's on her mind (could be dangerous 😏). Click on the N's Corner logo in the sidebar to be whisked off to a page containing ALL her posts.

Welcome to our world...

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